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Welcome to StudyAt the ultimate student guide for Universities in the UK. We have 3 simple aims:

  1. To help students find the right university for them and university finder.
  2. To help students to prepare for university life.
  3. To support students when they are in university helping them to get the most from student life.

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StudyAt is different from the more traditional university guides as we know what is important to students studying in a university or students looking going to university. Our articles and material have been written by the experts; students, school leavers, lectures and other professionals who have been there.

University Guides

Checkout the University Guide section to see what Universities in the UK rock and which ones not. You will be able to access our complete study guide and interact with current students.

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Course Guide

There are many courses out there but what is the best course for you. Check out our Course Guide that gives you the low down on all the courses.

Prepare For University and Student Life

Our student resource includes a number of different Checklists aimed at making your life easier See the ‘Before You Go To University Checklist’ and ‘Accommodation Checklist’ to ensure you have not forgotten any thing before you set off for university.

Also see our University Shop for all the best deals

Student Advice

Seeking advice on student matters including leaving home, relationships, study advice, finance, accommodation, what course etc you’ll find all the answers at our advice centre.

Getting Students the Best Products

Not only do we look to provide students with the a guide to universities in the UK we also look out for products and services that you might find helpful and value for money. Many of them can be found in the student shop and tech reviews.

We hope our ultimate student guide to universities in the UK will provide you with valuable information. Please get in touch if you would like to see some articles on a particular topic.