Best Student Products 2012

Discover the Best Student Products in 2012

2013 is quickly approaching so what better time than to review all the best student products in 2012. We look at all the essential products that students can live without including computers, phones, DVDs, books, household essentials and partying products.

Best Computer

WinnerSamsung Chromebook £229, this is a great computer that rewrites the rules. This computers utilises that latest cloud technology from Google so it comes equipped with all the apps you will need for your university including word processors, spreadsheets, presentations  email and much more.

Runner UpApple 13 inch MacBook £970, the most trendy notebook from Apple. A must have for those students who are fashion conscious and looking for a great alternative

Best Student Tablet Computer

WinneriPad 3 £399, in a very competitive market with competition coming from Samsung, Google and Amazon the iPad still remains the device to have with a responsive non-glare screen, plenty off Apps from iTunes and FaceTime this device is hard to beat.

Runner UpAmazon Kindle Fire £129– Wow a great device at an unbelievable price. The Kindle comes with a 7 inch display and is a lot more than an e-reader as you can browse the Internet, play movies, listen to music, download apps and much more. A portable device that will enhance your university life.

Best Student Mobile Phone

WinnerSamsung Galaxy S3 £337 – A mobile phone from Samsung that beat the almighty Apple. The Galaxy S3 comes with a great 8 mega pixel camera that is ideal for capturing the best moments from a student night out. Its AMOLED 4.8 inch display also makes watching films and reading book a joy on a phone. Despite a large screen this device nicely fits into your pocket.

Runner UpiPhone 5 £540– the iPhone 5 is a powerful phone and if you are in the Apple camp this is the phone to get. This phone only just missed out on Winning this category but we felt there was not a significant enhancements from the 4s and problems with its mapping cost Apple 1st price.

Best Household Product

WinnerBreville VST025 Sandwich Press £24.99, The ultimate student cooking machine- quick, easy and fun. Create coffee shop snacks in minutes and the Breville model is easy to clean and maintain.

Runner Up -LEGO Star Wars Darth Vader Clock £19.44, Wake up in style to Darth Vader.

Best Partying Product

Winner – Table Pool £20 or less, Why not bring the pub into your home with this table pool. Very enjoyable and great to play with friends before going out to the student’s union.

Runner Up –Paladone Lightning Reaction Re-loaded £17.49, a YouTube sensation – a great game to play to with friends, who has the quickest reaction does not get a shock?

Best Book

Winner –Jamie’s 15 minutes Meals £9.00– Student life is hectic so fitting quick healthy nutritious meals around study and social life is a must. From our favourite celebrity chef.

Runner Up –Bradley Wiggins My Time £8.00, Discover what it takes to become a Tour de France winner and Olympian.

Best  DVD

Winner –The Dark Knight Rises £10, Batman returns in the form of Christian Bale in this action thriller. This movie has a good story line with some great effects.

Runner Up – Fresh Meat £11.25, a great insite into university life from the creators of the Peep Show. Very, very funny you’ll be laughing all night long.

Best Album

Winner –BBC Radio 1’s Live Lounge 2012 £11.99, You recognise the songs but played acoustically by different artists including Jessie J, Plan B, Scouting for Girls and more. Great to chill out to.

Runner Up – Take Me Home – One Direction £8.94, Love them or hate them we all recognise their songs.

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