Study in the UK Checklist

Coming to study in the UK is a big decision for anyone. Its vital that you get the best advice and information to help you prepare for life in the UK and being a British student. We’ve  hope that our Study in the UK checklist will provide you with your preparation. The following steps will help to make your journey and stay in the UK more rewarding.

Adapting to the British Culture

  • Football is the national sport of England (soccer) watch some games on the Premier League
  • Rugby is the sport of gentlemen; watch some games on TV or on the Internet
  • Partying and drinking games – a big part of university culture, take it easy initially until you know your limits
  • Obsession with celebrities and the Royal Family – hot up on who’s hot and who’s not.

Watch some movies and TV programmes to understand the culture and dialects in Britain:

Also listen to some British music if you have not already done so:

  • Stereophonics
  • Amy Winehouse
  • Queen
  • Beatles
  • Dido
  • JLS

Religion in the UK

Britain is a mainly Christian country so its holidays and major events are based around the Christian calendar (Christmas and Easter). All major cities in the UK are multicultural so you will find Mosques, Synagogues and many other places of worship.

Eating Out

The UK has an array of fine restaurants and eating establishments. Most towns and cities have  a good variety of great foods to choose from a traditional Sunday Roast, Indian, Chinese, Italian, Mexican and so on.

Eating In

If you don’t fancy eating out take a look at our food section for some great recipes or you can book a take away …..

Studying in the UK to do list for international students

  • How to get here (flights, transport from the airport)
  • Setting up a UK bank account
  • Purchasing a UK mobile phone
  • Purchasing a computer vital for your studies and keeping in touch with back home (see our computer guide)
  • Get a guide book on Britain and Map so you know where to visit on your journeys
  • Purchase a good dictionary
  • Purchase a televisions that works on the PAL system (don’t forget to get your TV licence)
  • Study books – heavy to carry on an aeroplane, buy them when you get here
  • Insure your belongings – click here for a great deal
  • Sorting out your accommodation – see the accommodation checklist.

Remember that the UK works on a 3 pin plug system that run on 240 volts so your equipment designed for you home country might not work in the UK.

UK televisions and DVDs work on the PAL system.

We hope you found the Study in the UK Checklist helpful. Let us know if we’ve missed any important things off our checklist.

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